Rodeo Bull Rentals

The Daltons at the rodeobull

Rodeo Bull Renting for your event is a prime idea!  With us you rent a bull or two synchronously rotating bulls where a concept is attached. Indeed, we build, operate and animate The Mechanical Rodeo Bull During the entire rental period. So you don't have to worry about it at all.

With the appropriate "Parlé" and a corresponding music hopping we quick through your feast. There will be a long talk about this!


A Rodeo Bull Rentals offers many possibilities!   With us you rent a competition bull, a party bull (without head), a children's bull, or two rodeo bulls at the same time.

The latter can be operated completely independently or can move synchronously. Both rodeo riders get exactly the same movements to handle...

Therefore, that's only a match!

Rodeo Bull Contest

The most popular rental formula is the "Rodeo Bull Contest". Everyone at your party is kindly invited to prove their ability to be on the back of the Rodeo Bull.

The times are tracked and everyone who stays longer than 1 minute and 20 seconds arrives in a "global" ranking. All"Longest-sitting those"are ranked in this chart. Someone on your party will be the world champion of rodeo riders for one day.

Country & Western Parties

The Bull is not only used on Country & Western Parties, cowboy parties so... No also for Spanish-tinted parties, American parties, etc... Yes even on a Flemish fair! No, of course, it doesn't really have to be a theme.

Rodeo bull for Children

A Rodeo Bull is also beautiful on every open, children's parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, fiftieth anniversary, Spring party, school parties, 's, yes even a wedding party!

View a Event hold Where we were already a guest...

Still rodeo bull...

Rodeobullcontest  – Spanish bullAmerican BullVintage Rodeo bullRodeo bull for Children – Double Rodeo bull

Our experience

Hiring, grooming and animating this attraction is just about our core business. We have been doing this since 1987 (Yes over 30 years!). So make use of our knowledge and experience to make your party a success.

The Rodeo Bull is always rented with custom music and a radio presenter (For the first booking on the day of your party... fast its is appropriate). So that ambiance is already insured.

With us, you undoubtedly choose experience, safety and fun at the very best quality/price ratio.

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